Water Saving Managers

The SENSAFLUSH is a unique urinal flush management system designed to drastically reduce water consumption.

  • Automatic urinal-flush control system
  • Activated by a passive infra-red sensor
  • Fast-fill prevents scaling
  • Battery operated
  • Installed and serviced by our trained engineers
  • Water savings of 80% are common – potentially saving your business hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds…  here are some example cost comparisons on a 10 litre tank:
Unmanaged UrinalUrinal with Sensaflush®
Flushes Per Hour4 x 10L = 40L2 x 10L = 20L
Hours Per Day24 x 40L = 960L8 x 20L = 160L
Days Per Week7 x 960L = 6,720L5 x 160L = 800L
Weeks Per Year52 x 6,720L = 349,440L48 x 800L = 38,400L
Litres Per Year349,440 = 349Cm38,400L = 38.40
COST PER YEAR *£698.00£76.80

The example represents a saving of £621.20 in a year!